Popular Services

Instructions on how to download special software that NSU has available.

For events, meetings, presentations, and other special projects

Deactivate or replace your phone, report an issue, update your name, or submit a voicemail request.

Request an additional mailbox, access to distribution list, or report an issue.

New hires, department transfers, and role changes.

Door lock, hang something on wall, desk drawer broken, build request

ERP system used by BOR and all campuses

For help logging into your Northern account.

Course Access, Course Mappings, Sandboxes, Quiz Requests, and Other Faculty Services

Broken lights, light switches, or outlets, install new outlet

ImageNow, Xtender, and Evisions

Repair services are available for NSU-issued devices and personal devices.

Room reservations

For issues/requests pertaining to a mouse, keyboard, monitor, docking station, web cam, or any other computer accessory. To checkout computer related equipment.

Request a file restore, request, or a storage increase.


Access campus systems and file storage from off-campus

Help with connecting to a wired network on campus.

Help with connecting to available Wi-Fi networks on campus.

Request help with logging into your Northern account using DUO Push.

Office moves, landscaping, parking lot, snow/ice removal

Clogged sink or toilet, broken water fountain, no hot water, leaking pipe