Popular Services

Course Access, Course Mappings, Sandboxes, Quiz Requests, and Other Faculty Services

For general computer support.

Deactivate your phone, report an issue, update your name, or submit a voicemail request.

For events, meetings, presentations, and other special projects

For installing, requesting, and troubleshooting printers or scanners.

Instructions on how to download special software that NSU has available.

Request an additional mailbox, access to distribution list, or report an issue.

For systems or questions not addressed in another service or offering.

Custom reports for Banner data

For help logging into with your Northern account.

New application for data transfers

Report an issue, request a new location, directory display, NSUtv

Request a file restore, request, or a storage increase.

Checkout a laptop for student, faculty, or staff use.

Request help with logging into your Northern account using DUO Push.

Repair services are available for NSU-issued devices and personal devices.

Room reservations

For issues/requests pertaining to a mouse, keyboard, monitor, docking station, web cam, or any other computer accessory.

Request to change your account details.

Office for your computer and collaborative apps

Request access or report an issue for card readers, which can be found on doors, laundry, vending machines, and cash registers around campus.

Report an issue or request training