Faculty Services

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Faculty and Staff

Course Access

Request access to or removal from an existing course in D2L for yourself or another. This is commonly used for student incompletes, co-teaching, departmental sandboxes, supplemental instruction, tutoring, or if D2L has not been properly updated with a change in Self-Service Banner.

Course Copy

Request that D2L content be copied in to your course. This could either be content from a previous semester or from another faculty member.

Course Mappings

Course mapping is the process that combines multiple D2L courses into one, thereby reducing the amount of course management needed by the instructor.

The most common scenarios for course mapping are:

  • Multiple sections of the same course (e.g. ENGL-101-N01 and ENGL-101-N02)
  • An undergraduate and graduate section (e.g. ENGL-490-N01 and ENGL-590-N01)
  • A lecture and lab section (e.g. BIOL-101-N01 and BIOL-101L-N01)

Note: After course mapping is complete, please ignore the additional course shell(s) in D2L that are denoted with "[DON'T USE - LEFTOVER FROM COURSE MAPPING]".


Courses that are crosslisted in Banner will automatically be mapped together in D2L. You may submit a request to have crosslisted courses kept separate, if desired.

New Sandbox

Sandboxes are D2L courses that are not linked to Banner and do not contain any students (except in rare circumstances). They are most commonly used to build content for a future course offering.

Quiz Request

Faculty who have an existing quiz in a Word document, PDF, or on paper may request that it be imported into D2L.