Printers and Scanners

Available To:

Faculty/Staff & Students


For students, printing is available and will be charged to your Thunder Bucks account. You can add funds to your account here. Printers are located in the library and Tech Center basement computer labs. Please visit myNSU for information on how to print. 

SDSU students (without myNSU access) will find printing information at Papercut Student Printing.

Faculty and staff can find more information about the printing services on myNSU.

Please create a ticket if you have troubles with an NSU printer.

Request Printer

To add or move a printer, please submit a ticket. 


A flatbed scanner is available on the main floor of the library and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please create a ticket if you are having troubles with an NSU-issued scanner.

Printer Assistance Request Printer Scanner Assistance


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