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How do I use Pack Pass Mobile?


Pack Pass Mobile (Transact eAccounts)

iPhone, Apple Watch, Android device


1. Please read below for device-specific information before use.

 Apple (iPhone/Apple Watch)

Your Apple device must be turned on.

Newer iPhones, with the Express Mode feature enabled, may continue to work for a few hours after the battery has been completely drained.


Your Android device must be turned on and the screen must be awake (on). You do not need to unlock your device.

2. Tap your device to the card reader:

  • Success - Card reader will flash green.
  • Failed - Card reader will flash red.
  • No response - Device not recognized, see #3.

3. Troubleshooting "no response":

  • Verify you are following the device-specific (Apple/Android) information above.
  • Try using a different part of your device to tap the card reader.
  • If your phone's case has RFID protection (including MagSafe), you may need to remove the case.
  • If none of the steps work, please submit a ticket: Report Issue with Card Reader.
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