📄 Upload a Syllabus or Instructor Bio


How do I upload my syllabus or instructor bio to the "Northern Getting Started" widget in D2L?




1. Log in to D2L and access your course.

2. Locate the "Northern Getting Started" widget on the Course Homepage (top-left corner).

3. Click the dropdown arrow, and select Edit this widget.

Editing the Northern Getting Started widget

4. Click on the Content tab.

Content tab of a widget

5. Using your mouse cursor, select and drag to highlight the text ("Syllabus" or "Your Instructor"). Next, click the Insert Stuff button in the middle of the formatting options.

Highlighting Syllabus and using the Insert Stuff button

6. In the pop-up window, click My Computer.

Inserting from My Computer

7. Click Choose File. This will open your computer's file explorer.

Choose File

8. Locate your syllabus on your computer (e.g., Documents, Downloads, Desktop), select it with your mouse, then click Open.

Uploading syllabus file

9. Click Upload.

10. In the "Link Text" box, enter "Syllabus" or "Your Instructor", then click Insert.

Link Text - Syllabus

11. If you need to upload another file (either a syllabus or instructor bio), repeat steps 5-10.

12. If you want to remove a file and upload a new one:

a. Delete the existing text/link ("Syllabus" or "Your Instructor").

Removing Syllabus text/link

b. Click the empty spot - you should see your mouse cursor blinking (looks like a line). Select Insert Stuff.

Mouse cursor in empty spot then Insert Stuff

c. Repeat steps 6 - 10.


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